Artista contemplando su pintura finalizada de un pez tropical colorido en su estudio lleno de luz.
Artista Kiku Poch en su estudio junto a una pintura al óleo de una tortuga marina en tonos dorados y marrones sobre fondo negro.
El artista Kiku Poch sentado junto a su pintura de una tortuga marina en su estudio.

My paintings, oil on canvas, have always been a reflection of my passion for the Mediterranean sea and it’s light.

I’m based in two studios, Barcelona and Menorca.
Balearic islands, Costa Brava, the Italian Riviera and Tuscany, the french Provence and the greek islands were my principal source of inspiration.

I painted landscapes until 2015.
In 2012 I was invited to Hong Kong by the Spanish Consulate to present my work with an individual expo and to show the city the beauty of Spanish landscapes.

In 2016, after a long time painting landscapes, I needed to change to keep having motivation, I decided to continue painting themes related to the sea but this time giving to my work a more contemporary style, just painting details of my previous works. Bollards, anchors, ropes, portholes, locks and details of rusted boats gained leadership in my paintings. In this new style you can see a lot more texture and a wider color scale to show the influence of time and salt in metals and other objects.

In the beginning of 2019, coming back from a diving safari at the Andaman Sea (Thailand), I decided again to change my paintings to find the most authentic style until the moment of my career.
I have spent my entire life diving, when I was three I was already snorkeling in my beloved island of Menorca. 

When I was 23 I got my first diving license (the first of many till get the PADI Instructor). With the thousands of pictures I shoot diving around the world (Egypt, Jordania, Maldives, Cuba, Costa Rica, Zanzibar, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Malasia, Thailand…)

I decided to paint showing a whole different perspective of the sea, my all time inspiration source. I started painting the huge variety and color explosion of sea wildlife, portraying those amazing fish.
With my paintings I try to make people aware of the oceans and to protect the beautiful life that there’s down there.

Estudio de arte costero con pinturas de peces y decoración marina.